Media Planning and Buying

With the entire world going digital and expanding their businesses…

Media Planning and Buying

With the entire world going digital and expanding their businesses through mobiles and desktops, advertising their business along with SEM Marketing and adwords PPC Management has become the need of the hour. Everyone is active on this digital platform, hence it is very essential that a brand advertises and uses media to voice its brand. In order to present the marketing communications and online media planning and buying for a target group, media planners have two key responsibilities: market analysis and media channel performance evaluation. Regardless of who is in charge of development, a thorough understanding of the components of a media strategy, the platforms that may carry the message, and the aspects that go into a successful plan is required to know if your campaign is working properly or not.

Media planning and buying is equally essential as considering the creative elements of a brand growth. It is critical to assess the current state of play in your client’s market. We ensure that target audience research will be used by our Media Planner and search engine marketing team across all mediums, not just digital. Using all the mediums stands as an essential growth opportunity for the future development of the brand. Therefore, it is very essential to conduct paid advertising marketing strategies which will lead into effective gains for your brand. Our researching media planning tactics can assist businesses in selecting the most appropriate media channels for delivering a message to a targeted audience. As part of the campaign preparation and campaign design, it is critical to think about the target market. Campaigns can become unfocused and expensive if brands don’t know who the target audience is.

Infunotion as an experiential marketing agency does the exact job for you. Their experienced and guerrilla marketing team will look for specific media options to reach the target audience and ensure that the ad is delivered at the right platform with the right kind of audience. From device target to group target, our team is known to handle these campaigns well and with effective results providing an ample lot of options to the brand.

Conversion monitoring

One way of generating the leads on the page is finding out the movement of the mouse on the page. This allows a glimpse of the exact activity the customer has done on the website.

Online media planning and buying

We help you connect and manage the customers with the insights of your business providing you end to end services.

Creative management

Being a creative digital marketing agency, we must bring to you new ideas, content, effective marketing strategies to boost your business economy.

Traffic analysis

If you wish to draw more customers to your website then it is very essential to monitor the media network traffic towards your domain. We analyze the IP address giving you detailed information and monitoring the users on your brand website path.

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Campaign design

A business blooms when they have the right audience. To achieve the right audience and present them with the right campaign, it is important to know their taste and preferences.


This is the new word everyone has on their mind. This is the new marketing technique with regards to the gaming context and scoring used to engage people and users
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