Case Study - Website Design - Just4uLoan
January 30, 2018

Case study – Website Design – Just 4 u Loans

Case Study Client: Just 4 u Loans Pvt. Ltd. Timeline: 10th January – 20th January 2018 Executive Case Summary When Just 4 u Loans Pvt. Ltd saw a decline in their existing website visitors, we found that there were serious issues regarding the functionality and UI of the website. Moreover, there was a sharp decline […]

Tortoise Films and Events Case Study
December 21, 2017

Case Study – Website Design – Tortoise Films and Events

Client: Tortoise films and events Timeline: 3rd December 2017 – 10th December 2017 Executive Case Summary   For today’s case study, we will look at the website of Tortoise Films and Events, which we designed and developed recently. It is always a challenge to design and develop a brand new website for a startup. Same […]

Website Design - Case Study - Murano Optix
November 10, 2017

Case Study – Website Design – Murano Optix

Client: Murano Optix Timeline: 18th October 2017 – 30th October 2017 Executive Case Summary When Murano Optix decided to create their website, they had a lot of apprehensions in terms of the technicality of the project. In spite of being in the business for more than two decades, the client faced the issue of minimal […]