Case study – Website Design – Just 4 u Loans

Case study – Website Design – Just 4 u Loans

Case study – Website Design – Just 4 u Loans 700 700 SEO | SEM | Best Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai

Case Study Client: Just 4 u Loans Pvt. Ltd.

Timeline: 10th January – 20th January 2018

Executive Case Summary

When Just 4 u Loans Pvt. Ltd saw a decline in their existing website visitors, we found that there were serious issues regarding the functionality and UI of the website. Moreover, there was a sharp decline in the inquiries generated through the website. To solve the problem, Infunotion designed, developed and implemented a 25 pages fully dynamic website across platforms. In addition to optimum UI/UX, the new look and feel of the website carried varied information which a user ideally looks for before making a purchase for loans. The client also wanted the website design and development agency to increase their Franchise base and hence a sub-portal was designed targeting new franchise consumers.

The website design and architecture was attuned to the core brand values. Relevant content and imagery around the brand were positioned as a trustworthy and reliable creative partner. As a web design and development agency, we made sure that the website designed was completely dynamic and latest SEO strategies were adapted for the same. This resulted in 30% increase in organic traffic on the website and 8% increase in referrals (Social Media). Mobile and tablet also saw an increase in 12% visitors. The bounce rate was reduced to as low as 11%.

About the Product/Service:

Just4uLoan was established with an aim to cater to the banking needs of everyone in general and to arrange finance requirements of the customers in particular in time bound manner. Just4uloan takes dedicated efforts and ensure world class of financial services in all sectors. Their array of services includes loan syndication, working capital and debt management, capital formation, business remodeling, process re-engineering, revitalizing existing system by the formulation of specific internal policies, restructuring of debt etc. they extend their services to manage an entire financial portfolio of the customers. Efficient fund management has always been a key mantra for the success of any business organization. Through its expertise and experience, Just4uLoan helps you manage your business along with entire financial aspects and your funds smartly and efficiently.


To increase the website visitors of and which will lead to generating an inquiry on the website. Additionally, the task as a web design and marketing agency was to make it a search engine friendly website, easy to navigate. In addition, the client wanted to build a trust factor amongst its shareholders and stakeholders, which included its customers, financial organizations, NBFC’s and partners.

Action Plan:

A global website with 25 dynamic pages was designed and developed.

  • The new website homepage was designed keeping in mind what customers find more relevant before making a loan purchase.
  • A free check eligibility tool was designed so that the customer could check their eligibilities before applying for the loan.
  • A segment was dedicated to checking the EMI before making the actual purchase.
  • We also suggested adding a section where users could compare EMI options from various financial institutions which would lead to ease of use in the purchase decision.
  • Exclusive web design in the alignment of organizational goals and objectives.
  • Completely dynamic website
  • Tools to implement SEO campaigns and strategy.
  • Complete integration with Social media channels.


  • 30% increase in organic traffic on the website.
  • 8% increased website traffic through referrals (Social Media)
  • Mobile and tablet also saw 12% visitors on the website.
  • Bounce rate was reduced to 11%
  • SEO campaign ensured the website was ranked on the 1st

Key Takeaways and Learnings:

  • Websites form a laying foundation for brand identity on a digital platform.
  • Websites make an introduction of the brand to the users.
  • UI and UX form the pillars of Website structures which lead to users spending more time on the website.

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