Case Study – Website Design – Tortoise Films and Events

Case Study – Website Design – Tortoise Films and Events

Case Study – Website Design – Tortoise Films and Events 700 700 SEO | SEM | Best Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai

Tortoise films and events

3rd December 2017 – 10th December 2017

  • Executive Case Summary

For today’s case study, we will look at the website of Tortoise Films and Events, which we designed and developed recently. It is always a challenge to design and develop a brand new website for a startup. Same was the case with tortoise films and events. Having a strong offline presence and after having done some plausible work, the client decided it was time to scale up their business through online channels. It was a clear sign of the challenging times ahead since most of the production business works on the traditional WOM strategy. When we decided to create their website, we had one clear goal, to maximize website traffic organically and build a platform to attract investors looking for investment options. The website design and architecture was attuned to the core brand values.

As web design & development company we made sure that relevant content and imagery around the brand were positioned as a trustworthy and reliable creative partner. The website designed was completely dynamic and latest SEO strategies were adapted for the same. This resulted in 80% organic traffic on the website and 20% through referrals (Social Media). Post the launch of the new website, we conducted paid and organic social media campaigns and even that resulted in the increase in website traffic. Mobile and tablet also saw 20% visitors on the website. The bounce rate was found to be at 15%.

  • About the Product/Service:

Tortoise films and events were Founded with the purpose of Financing, Producing and distributing commercial feature films, live events, web series and human interactions events with its primary target of 11 to 60 years. TFEPL Firmly believes in Creating stories, which Embodies strong values of love, courage, generosity, relationships and hope. The production house is synonymous with strong, entertaining, non-stereotypical and unique content.

Tortoise Films strives to deliver quality content subjects and ensures a great level of trust, honesty, sincerity, professionalism in realizing and fulfilling our dreams and our vision to be the best production house in the Entertainment industry.

For this dream to transform into reality Tortoise has Created an Association with great minds from the Film and Television Industry.

  • Goal:

To make a search engine friendly website, easy to navigate. In addition, the client wanted to build a trust factor amongst its shareholders and stakeholders, which included investors, production houses, event organizers and involved shareholders and stakeholders.

  • Action Plan:

A global website with 6 dynamic pages was designed and developed.

  1. As our website development company was focused on the outcome, the new website homepage was designed keeping in mind what investors find more relevant in terms of film financing and budgeting.
  2. Featured our work section, which deploys each and every work executed by tortoise films and events.
  3. Exclusive web design in the alignment of organizational goals and objectives.
  4. Completely dynamic website
  5. Tools to implement SEO campaigns and strategy.
  6. Complete integration with Social media channels.
  • Results:
  1. 80% organic traffic on the website.
  2. 20% website traffic through referrals (Social Media)
  3. Mobile and tablet also saw 20% visitors on the website.
  4. Bounce rate was found to be 15%
  5. SEO campaign ensured the website was ranked on the 1st
  • Key Takeaways and Learnings:
  1. Top website design companies believe that websites form a laying foundation for brand identity on the digital platform.
  2. Websites make an introduction of the brand to the users. It is essential to formulate best web development services to benefit the brand in long term. Website redesign services not only focus on the design but they have a look at all development aspects.
  3. UI and UX form the pillars of Website structures which lead to users spending more time on the website.
  4. We as flourishing web design company are here to give you a tip – It is always advisable to make a website with a clear crisp design and information architecture.