Website Design - Case Study - Murano Optix
November 10, 2017

Case Study – Website Design – Murano Optix

Client: Murano Optix Timeline: 18th October 2017 – 30th October 2017 Executive Case Summary When Murano Optix decided to create their website, they had a lot of apprehensions in terms of the technicality of the project. In spite of being in the business for more than two decades, the client faced the issue of minimal […]

November 5, 2017

Digital Marketing – Tools and Techniques

Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing is currently the most effective marketing tool to make your brand reach the right target audience. According to central statistics organization, 38% of the total Indian population uses comes in contact with the internet daily. Be it for social media channels, shopping or benefitting from online services. This number will […]