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When Creativity collides with Strategy, Technology, and Deep Insight

Infunotion is your full-service creative (advertising and) digital experience agency, born at the intersection where curious creativity intersects with unique marketing strategies, digital know-how, and in-depth customer insight.

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Slide Objective We ask a lot of questions to derive the objective of the project, to understand the project guidelines, and to understand the target audience of the brand Research Consumer perception, competitor analysis brand reach, and market share are a few parameters based on which we initiate our research to better understand your brand Target Audience Post the research phase, we are better equipped to identify your brand’s Target Group, their Psychographics, and Demographics, which enable us to steer and focus our specific marketing efforts. Ideation A lot of thought goes into continuously modifying our approach towards each and every project. It takes a lot of trial and error, work and re-work, and revisits to the drawing board before an idea is finalized End Result Once the idea is finalized we ensure timely execution of projects and we constantly endeavour to ensure seamless project delivery as per projected deadlines. Creative Thinking Our Products or services are designed for an environment and shaped by the market. For long-term effective marketing solutions we offer highly customized, well-planned, and adroitly executed campaigns

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